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The Sabin Akrofrom Charity Foundation (SACF) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that seeks to improve the socio-economic standards of the people of Sabin Akrofrom and its environs through granting of Scholarships to brilliant but needy students, assisting the people to have a descent livelihood and also help the under privileged to realize their potentials as well as sensitizing the people about their environment and how to sustain and keep their environment clean.

Apart from blessings, he said act of giving or supporting someone was in itself a practice for national building, explaining that by helping others to either minimize their burden or get rid of them offers them the opportunity to develop themselves.

“You do not need to be rich before you can help someone,but people look on to the deprived to be miserable before they help them”, he stated.

SABIN Akrofrom Charity Foundation (SACF) has been launched to provide education support for the needy but brilliant students living in the Sabin Akrofrom traditional area in the Atwima Kwanwoma District of the Ashanti Region. The SACF is also expected to assist the livelihood of the poor, less privileged or the down-trodden in the society.

At a ceremony at Sabin Akrofrom near Trede, the Sabin Akrofromhene, Nana Osei Kofi said he was motivated to launch the foundation on the backdrop that before becoming a chief, he had from his personal resources, financially supported a number of students and parents all in the name furtherance of education.

He noted that supporting the needy was embroiled with greater amounts of blessings and that from his personal experiences; no one had ever supported the neighbour without receiving blessings.

The Sabin Akrofromhene, Nana Osei Kofi, has presented a number of items to resource the area council and the Trede Police Station in the Atwima Kwanwoma District of the Ashanti Region.

He has also cut the tape to inaugurate a Community-based Health Planning Service (CHPS) compound to improve the health conditions of the people in the area.At a ceremony at the Sabin Akrofrom Palace, he presented an HP Computer and accessories, a printer and two metal cabinets to the area council and also presented a poly-tank to the Trede Police to improve water supply to the police in the area.

He said development was dear to his heart and that his support was to complement the efforts of government to better the living conditions of the people. He indicated that he and his traditional leaders would soon institute a charity foundation to cater for needy brilliant students in the area. He further indicated that a community centre, a library and Information and Communications...